Know for his amazing talent of bringing so much joy to women all around the world, Christian Louboutin's shoes are still working their magic after 20 years. 

Reading the February issue of Vogue, the interview with designer Christan Louboutin was something i read over and over. He is so inspirational as a shoes designer. With such amazing talent, his words about the shoes he makes were so filled with passion and truth i had to put some of it up... 

This would have to be my favorite part of the interview... He is brilliant!

You are know for your shoes. How do the bags work into the collection?

"I want the bags to become just like if you have two girls who are twins, where if you see them together they have a lot of similarities but if you don't see them together they are totally different individuals. They should be as close to the shoe as twins, meaning in term of quality and attention to detail, but at the same time with their own standards or themes."
For the rest of the interview purchase the February issue of Vogue Australia.

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