2011 WA Fashion Awards Finalists Announced

The 36 finalists of this year’s WA Fashion Awards (WAFAs) were announced at Perth Fashion Festival’s (PFF) exclusive Style Circle event held last night at Wolfe Lane.

The finalists stretch across nine categories honouring students, writers, creators and models from the elite talent pool of Western Australian fashion.

The categories include WA Designer of the Year, Designer of Tomorrow, Fine Details, Runway Model of the Year, Photographic Model of the Year, Hot New Talent, Creative Edge, Best Blogger and Best Dressed Boutique.

WA Fashion Awards categories and nominees include:

Photographic Model of the Year
·         Rosie Tupper (Viviens)
·         Emily Green (Viviens)
·         Holly Caiulo (Chadwicks)
·         Caris Tiivel (Chadwicks)
·         Jessi Moloney (Scene)
·         Jonathon Woodward (Scene)

Runway Model of the Year
·         Sarah Kate (Viviens)
·         Sally Paten (Viviens)
·         Holly Caiulo (Chadwicks)
·         Fiona Thomas (Chadwicks)
·         Evelyn Leckie (Scene)
·         Rebecca Jones (Scene)

Hot New Talent
·         Stef Roberts (Viviens)
·         Sarah Tilekke (Viviens)
·         Georgia Herbert (Chadwicks)
·         Gabrielle Sullivan(Chadwicks)
·         Morgana Powell (Scene)
·         Paige Bavich (Scene)
WA Designer of the Year
·         Flannel
·         Ae’lkemi
·         One Fell Swoop

Designer of Tomorrow
·         Little Gracie
·         Ange Lang
·         Zhivago

Fine Details
·         Toto Moto
·         Pinchandspoon
·         Harpers

Creative Edge
·         Pip McManus: Fashion Illustrator
·         Marie Cain: Hair Director
·         Hannah McGrath: Stylist

Best Blogger
·         Dropstitch
·         Style Voyuer
·         Bonnie Friday

Best Dressed Boutique
·         Zara Bryson
·         S2
·         Wasteland


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